IMPORTANT: Smartsheet Labs applications are experimental and are not officially supported. They are available as is, so use at your own risk. See the Smartsheet User Agreement for details.

Welcome to Smartsheet Labs

This is the place to test-drive new, experimental Smartsheet-based apps built by Smartsheet for the customer community or internal use. While not official Smartsheet products, these apps are free to use and should be considered community projects which are not officially supported, tested or documented.

Please note that because of the experimental nature of Labs, the apps may break, change or be removed at any time. We hope that you will find them useful, and would love to hear from you. Comments? Feature requests? Help? Send us an email at

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The latest from Smartsheet Labs:

Create a chart dashboard based on your Smartsheet data.
Get Smartsheet attachments electronically signed with DocuSign
Sync your Evernote Notebooks to Smartsheet
Export time tracking data from Smartsheet to Harvest.
Create a custom map using your Smartsheet data.
Send Leads from Smartsheet to Marketo.